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Food and Beverage

Sahra Star Control Systems has good references and providing a lot of solutions for Food and Beverage industries.

we are one of very few companies in KSA can provide solution for pick and place and fully automate your factory to run with almost ZERO cost and continues 24/7

we use the latest technology of KUKA Robotics with image processing or as they call it "vision tech".

we have also customized solution of automation system as we can call it "3D Robot" or linear access servo systems,  for lower needs.

Handling and Palletizing using KUKA Robotics is also there into your industries which may cost you a lot of labor hours.

we are also using Lenze Drives (or complete automation system) in parallel with Siemens automation systems as we known German brand for our solutions.

Lenze Clutches and clutch-brake system is there into our basket for you.

we also have a good stock for geared motors from Motive to keep your conveyors running.

we also can provide the full range of conveyors.