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Sahra Star Control Systems is leading company in Building Automation

We have good references into ARAMCO; SABIC; Royal Commission; (We are registered into their Vendor list).

We still booming into this section and supplying many Pumps manufacturers


multifaceted general contracting company whose success rests on its highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals.

Since its beginning in 1966 the company has witnessed steady growth, which combined with its significant resources and expertise, has made it one of the leading contracting companies in the Middle East

The company’s activities spans: civil engineering, roads, bridges and railways, buildings and infrastructure, water & waste water treatment, oil & gas and pipelines in support of petrochemical production etc.

Lifting Application


Simplicity is one of the most important fundamental principles behind SystemRoMedic™. Activating the user and encouraging the user to use his or her natural patterns of movement are two others. By utilizing the user's own strength and capability also in lifting situations, we can perform easy, safe and gentle transfers while helping to improve the user's muscle tone, sense of independence, control and dignity.


Simple and convenient application of lifting slings


The user's functional ability and need for support determine the choice of lifting sling model, but also the choice of application and removal technique. There are several well-proven and commonly used methods for applying and removing slings. These methods can be found in the user manual for each individual lifting sling model. However, in order to make application and removal of lifting slings faster, easier and more convenient and, above all, to activate the user as much as possible, we have developed a number of SystemRoMedic™ methods.


By combining small, simple and effective assistive devices from other product groups in the SystemRoMedic™ line with aids for mechanical lifting, we are able to create many different, individualized solutions for all types of users and for all situations. In this section, we present a few examples. Naturally, our talented product specialists and representatives will be pleased to show you more!


Contact us for more information or to book a presentation or training session!


A Building Management System or a Building Automation System is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment


A Building Management System or a Building Automation System is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment

Multi pump multi drive

Multi-pump control of ACQ810 drives is for applications where several parallel pumps are operated together and the required flow rate is variable. It maintains stable process conditions optimizing the speed and number of the pumps needed. This function provides the most energy efficient way to operate parallel pumps.

Multi pump single drive

VACON’s 100 FLOW AC drive is specifically designed to help improve flow control for multi-pump applications in which several pumps are used in place of a single one. By spreading the load across several pumps, it is lightened and provides greater energy efficiency and system redundancy. The VACON 100 FLOOW offers control of flow and pressure for a maximum of eight pumps (or fans), without the need for an external controller; communication between drives is provided by integrated RS-485. It is also equipped with built-in Ethernet to eliminate additional options or gateways needed to communicate with process automation.

Three multi-pump control solutions are offered: single-drive multi-pump, multi-drive multi-master and multi-drive multi-follower. One AC drive controls a lead pump for single-drive installations and in multi-master mode, each pump is controlled by its own AC drive. Additional fixed-speed pumps can be brought online directly or with a soft starter if demand exceeds the capabilities of the pump. Users can choose between fixed setups and solutions for the lead and auxiliary pumps to alternate roles and equalize wear and tear.

Complete System

In mathematical logic and metalogic, a formal system is called complete with respect to a particular property if every formula having the property can be derived using that system, i.e. is one of its theorems; otherwise the system is said to be incomplete. The term "complete" is also used without qualification, with differing meanings depending on the context, mostly referring to the property of semantical validity. Intuitively, a system is called complete in this particular sense, if it can derive every formula that is true. Kurt Gödel, Leon Henkin, and Emil Leon Post all published proofs of completeness.

Panels Bulding

Since Sahra Star Control Systems is a leading company in Saudi Market supplying VFDs, specially MCCs for water solutions, we grow in the field of Panel Building.

we have our factory in Riyadh to support our customers with our MCC leading for Booster Pump applications